Our Pandemic Year: Scenes from Philly and its Suburbs During the Last 12 Months

A year is a long time to wear a mask. It's a long time to attend school from a laptop at a community center. It is an agonizingly long time to be out of a job. And it's too short a time to deal with the racism of history or that of our present institutions.
But as these photos show, it's also enough time for people in Philadelphia and its suburbs to adapt. To rally. To vote.
For one year, NBC10 and Telemundo62 crews have collected these photos to show how our region handled a year of pandemic. We started collecting them in March 2020, and the last one comes from the first day of in-person school in Philadelphia this week.
We'd love to see your photos of this year, too. Tweet them to @nbcphiladelphia with #OneYear.

The Pandemic in Photos

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