Save Money, Plant a Home Veggie Garden

People have rediscovered their green thumbs because of the bad economy.

A recent survey shows double digit growth in the number of home gardens as more and more consumers turn to their backyards for groceries.

Mail order companies are selling out of seeds for the basic vegetables like onions, tomatoes and peppers, they said.

A well-maintained vegetable garden can save you $500 a year on groceries -- it all depends on the size of the home garden, said the National Gardening Association.

The savings could be even more. Spending $50 on gardening supplies can yield more than $1,200 worth of food, according to Burpee Seeds.

To get started all you need is some dirt, some land, some seeds, some time and most importantly a plan.

The planning process is the most important thing about planting your own vegetable garden, according to experts.

Before you start consider these three questions:

  • What vegetables will I plant?
  • What kind of light do they need?
  • When should they be planted?

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