These Are the Most Popular Airbnb Listings in, Near Philadelphia


The most popular Airbnb rentals within a short drive of Philadelphia include an Instagram-able 'Pretty in Pink' house in the city, a distinct mid-century home with a wavy roof just across the Delaware River, and a Miami-esque villa in the Poconos, reports the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The uniqueness of some Airbnb properties make them highly coveted for a short-term stay and double as passive income for the owner.

In Philadelphia, the median monthly revenue for people who listed properties on Airbnb or Vrbo over the last 12 months was $2,094, according to AirDNA, which tracks data on short-term rentals. That includes a 96% increase from $1,283 in January to $2,516 in July. During the peak summer travel month, occupancy rates reached 68% in the city and average daily rates were $172.

For short-term vacation destinations a drive away from the city, the numbers were much higher.

Here are some of the most popular Airbnb listings in and near Philadelphia right now: 

"The Wave Lambertville", iconic mid-century home

Location: Lambertville, New Jersey

Rate: $552 per night

Size: Three bedrooms, four bathrooms

Pocono Villa

Location: Allentown

Rate: $416 per night

Size: Four bedrooms, three bathrooms

Pretty in Pink custom unit

Location: Philadelphia (North Philadelphia near Temple University)

Rate: $267 per night

Size: Four bedrooms, two bathrooms

Modern home with private pool in Rehoboth Beach

Location: Rehoboth Beach

Rate: $750 per night

Size: Four bedrooms, four bathrooms

Super chic/modern condo with stunning ocean views

Location: Atlantic City

Rate: $108 per night

Size: One bed, one bath

Check out's full article for all 10 of the most popular Airbnb listings in Philadelphia -- photos included.  

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