The Dark Knight: 25 Sites to Expand Your Batman Knowledge

In 1939, Bob Kane created “The Bat-Man” for issue #27 of Detective Comics, and as they say, the rest is history. This past weekend the highly anticipated film The Dark Knight was released in theaters, setting a record for biggest three-day take with $155.3M in tickets sold. To celebrate we’ve rounded up 25 sites where you can learn more about the Batman series and its characters.

Below you can find showtimes and buy tickets to the film, read about how the movie was made, explore close to 70 years of Batman’s history, and more.

Fan Sites - An unofficial site following all the news related to the hot film’s release. - For ten years, Batman-on-Film has covered all Batman film related projects as well as reviews of the comics. - A large collection of fan films based on the Caped Crusader with some being of amazingly high quality. - Batman Yesterday, Today & Beyond gives you a history of Batman as well as information on collectibles, television shows, films and more. - ComicVine has a very detailed history of Batman comics, movies, television appearances and even touches on the 1950’s book, Seduction of the Innocent, which caused many to question Batman’s sexuality. - Part of the Wikia network, this wiki aims to index all of the DC Universe, but has lots of information on Batman. - A site dedicated to the Batman comics of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s.

Legions Of Gotham - A large message forum dedicated to discussing every aspect of the Batman universe.

News - Well known site for film gossip of all kinds. - Short for “Cinematic Happenings Under Development”, CHUD is also the name of a 1980’s horror film, but this site is all about movie rumors and news. - Though based out of Australia, Dark Horizons is well known for being right on top of all the major film gossip. - Well known for their early script reviews, has lots of news that led up to the new film. - A site dedicated to news of the ever increasing number of super hero films being produced, and they have a good recap of everything that led up to The Dark Knight.
Official Sites - Love or hate the 1960’s television series, it is still a part of Bat-history, and Adam West certainly figures into that.

DC Comics - The publishing company behind Batman since he first appeared in Detective Comics in 1939. - Started off as a campaign website for the character of Harvey Dent running for district attorney, was later “hacked” by the Joker. - Part of the viral campaign that led up to the film, this site had the Joker asking people to dress up as him and submit pictures of themselves in interesting locations. - Official site promoting the second film in the new series. - A site launched by the character of Harvey Dent to help get rid of police corruption in Gotham City, later hacked by the Joker. - The Joker’s main site in the viral campaign where he made most of his communications with the citizens of Gotham City.
Tickets - Besides buying tickets for both normal showings and IMAX screenings, also have a list of the 10 best & worst comic book films of all time. - Get movie news and trailers as well as buy your tickets for the film. - Yahoo’s movie site has ticket sales as well as numerous exclusive trailer premieres. - Read or listen to a synopsis of the film before you make that final decision to go see it. movies - A portion of the NYC site that helps you navigate the theaters in all the various neighborhoods of New York City.

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