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Society Hill Acme Debuts Long-Awaited Renovation With Beer, Wine

Acme storefront
Philadelphia Business Journal

After being delayed by several months, the renovation of the Society Hill Acme is complete and replete with new lighting that brighten up the space, faux wood floors that provide a contemporary touch and a more efficient layout, all of which veers from what had long been a dark, drab and dated store, the Philadelphia Business Journal reports.

But for a three-week break to install new refrigeration equipment, the store remained open to shoppers during the renovations and last minute items and shelve stocking were underway in preparation for a celebratory grand opening scheduled for Friday.

The store at 309 S. 5th St. became part of Acme Markets Inc. in 2015 when A&P filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and, what was then a Superfresh, was folded into the grocery chain. It then went on to survive a threat by a developer who had proposed razing the structure to make way for new apartments. A new, long-term lease was negotiated and put on Acme's list for a renovation. The 12,000-square-foot store was overdue for a refresh.

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