Cramer's Lightning Round: DraftKings Short-Term ‘Could Be a House of Pain'

  • "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rings the lightning round bell on stocks including DraftKings and Plug Power.

New Relic: "It had one of the most unbelievable quarters. And Lew Cirne [founder of New Relic] is back and bigger than ever."

DraftKings: "It is like a war out there. ... That does not mean that DraftKings isn't the best, it's just they got stop killing each other. And when they do and people realize they're spending too much money per customer, DraftKings does well. That's my long-term stick with it. Short-term, it could be a house of pain."

GrowGeneration: "I didn't like that quarter. That quarter was not a good quarter. I know that it looked on the surface like the same old good quarter. But it did not have the organic growth I like. I don't want you in that stock. It is just not right."

Himax Tech: "If we're going to go over there [to Taiwan], we're going to buy Taiwan Semi. That's the only one I like over there. ... I just don't trust a lot of stocks over there. They've let us down time and again."

Kinder Morgan: "I happen to think that KMI is inexpensive. There was a downgrade the other day that made it sound like things were bad. You got a 6% yield. The world is short of pipes. Our country is short of pipes. I think it works."

Plug Power: "I want to hold Plug Power, not buy it right here. We just had a gigantic run, a huge run in Plug. This stock tends to pull back after a big run. So let's be a little careful."

3D Systems: "Sell, sell, sell. It's had a very big run. And to me, it's time to call it quits."

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