HotStartupJobs Helps You Find Your Next Startup Position

Despite the reams of new job postings being released day in and day out, the treachery of the job search has been greatly facilitated with online engines and listing services. And specific to the tech sector, sites like Dice, and even various new media publications have really put strong emphasis on niche positions and connecting the seeking with the seekers. Still, having to browse multiple sites for something like a spot within a startup isn’t especially easy. Enter, HotStartupJobs.

The service is just starting out itself. It marked its official debut only hours ago. But already it has pulled substantial amounts of listings from various sources and RSS feeds from around the Web, including sites like Dice, TechZulu, ResumeBucket, KillerStartups, and NeoHire. Mashable, too. Hot Startup Jobs pulls from numerous sources, and designates available work to unique channels.

For instance, if you happen to take well to website programming, Java or UI projects in particular, or regard yourself as mobile savvy, or even desire a title of blogger or copywriter, this engine makes it that much easier to find the right gig, short-term or long. And each channel can be subscribed to, so you’re always kept aware of items that enter the fold.

It’s well-crafted, overall. There are small accouterments that the service’s designers have included for users to browse in addition to the main course. Industry news takes a sliver-sized column. But it holds well to the idea of a basic resource. Quick to navigate and eminently useful, if you want a big catch to rummage, this is the place to check out.

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