Hop in the Car for a Safari at Six Flags in NJ, But Make a Reservation First

Six Flags Great Adventure's Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure is reopening to carloads of visitors starting May 30. You must make a reservation before you go as the park looks to monitor traffic amid the coronavirus pandemic

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By the end of the month, you will be able to go on a wild safari without having to leave the comfort of your car again.

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, is reopening its Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure on Saturday, May 30, Six Flags announced Wednesday.

Safety measures intended to offer a contact-free experience, diminish overcrowding and promote social distancing will be in place. Visitors must make a reservation ahead of time with Six Flags’ new reservation tool. You can reserve your spot starting at 10 a.m. on May 27.

Six Flags posted its safety measures on its website. The measures “include keeping all windows, doors, and convertible tops closed; not feeding or touching the animals; no smoking, littering, or stopping; cars, SUVs and consumer pickup trucks with empty beds only – no buses, campers, RVs, commercial vehicles or trucks larger than a consumer pickup truck; maximum speed of 5 mph and maintaining safe distance between other cars and animals," Six Flags said in a news release.

Park staff will inspect all vehicles before entering the park and could turn visitors who break the rules away.

Six Flags employees will all be health and temperature screened daily and will wears masks and gloves when appropriate, the theme park said.

The safari features around 1,200 exotic animals from six continents in simulated natural habitats over 350 acres. Most of the animals roam freely –predators are kept behind safety fences.

The drive-thru safari will bring back nostalgia for some visitors. The safari was a self-drive-thru experience from 1974 until 2012. Since 2013 Great Adventure had offered guided truck tours until the coronavirus pandemic made drive-thru a viable option.

Active members, season pass holders and employees can get a sneak preview of the drive-thru safari on Friday, May 29.

No word yet on when the main Great Adventure theme park will be allowed to reopen.

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