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Company Name: Where The Locals Eat

20-word Description: Where The Locals Eat is an interactive restaurant guide which spotlights the top 100 local restaurants in the largest 50 cities in America.

CEO’s Pitch: To get the inside scoop on where to eat when you travel or to find new restaurants in your city, check out Where The Locals Eat. Pointing you to the nation’s very best restaurants, from haute cuisine to cheap eats. Where The Locals Eat, free-of-charge and fully searchable by city, category and restaurant name, contains detailed information on thousands of restaurants and provides online reservations, constantly updated foodie news and mapping of restaurants by neighborhood. Look for the new Where The Locals Eat iPhone application as well (July 11th) which will deliver this information directly to users’ iPhones using GPS and allowing them to rate, make lists, and more. Because when you travel, don’t you want to eat like a local?

Mashable’s Take: The number of restaurants in the United States is immense. Even if you were to take a peek at the list of locations within, say, 50 big and medium-sized cities, you’d likely be overwhelmed. Without a guide, that is.

Where The Locals Eat is a name more polysyllabic than some might prefer, but it does the trick. If nothing else, it’s entirely straightforward. The premise of the service is simple. You’re given a list of 50 cities, in which lots of people live and travel to. For each city, you’re shown a list of about 100 restaurants deemed the best in their respective categories. This goes for everything from pizza and/or burger joints, steakhouses, delicatessens, sushi bars, and vegetarian haunts. It’s like Zagat, but with a broader national spread and less focus on each individual metropolis. Which would likely appeal to people not wanting to think too much about the selection process. Some just want food fast, with as few complications or details as possible. Where The Locals Eat serves that market ably.

As for the site’s structure, it’s well made. Tidy and intuitive, it’s built to serve users on the desktop and on the go. Want to map out a single location, or perhaps an entire list? You can. Driving directions can also be had. Users can even have location info sent to their mobile devices. An iPhone application will soon be added to service’s feature set. A launch is scheduled for July 11 to coincide with Apple’s own planned product and service releases. All said, the package looks complete.

If you’d like to read up on restaurant news in a particular city, there is an adjunct blog called iEat that covers the array of cities listed in the guide.

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Where the Locals Eat

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