Educate Yourself for the Presidential Debates With 25+ Sites About Obama and McCain

The 2008 US Presidential election process is in full swing, and with the first Presidential debates scheduled for tonight, it’s time everyone learned more about the candidates. While each of the candidates have their own official sites and social networking profiles, there are many sites that can help you boil down how each candidate stands and votes on the issues. You can also find lots of tools to get behind the rumors, see who is donating money to them, and much more.

You can check out our previous posts on the Vice Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.

John McCain

Congressional Bio - John McCain’s official congressional bio from his many years in the senate. - Official website for Senator McCain’s bid for the White House. - Senator McCain’s official senate page with information on his actions, his offices and more.

Washington Post Voting Record of John McCain - Gives you a full record of Senator McCain’s voting on various issues in the senate.

John McCain Social Networking

John McCain’s Digg Account - Take a look into the stories that the McCain campaign finds the most important.

John McCain’s Facebook Page - Check out videos, links, become a fan, and all of the usual trappings of Facebook.

John McCain’s LinkedIn Profile - Check out John McCain’s professional career profile.

John McCain’s MySpace Profile - About the most non-MySpace looking profile out there, with a lengthy biography of the candidate.

John McCain’s YouTube Channel - Watch official videos from Senator McCain’s campaign.

Barack Obama - The main website for the Democratic nominee for President.

Congressional Bio - Official congressional bio of the senator from Illinois. - Official website of Senator Obama’s time in Washington D.C. as one of the senators from Illinois.

Washington Post Voting Record of Barack Obama - Breaks down Obama’s voting record by how he voted, and how it matched up with each party’s stance on the issue.

Barack Obama Social Networking

Barack Obama’s Digg Account - See the stories the senator’s campaign marks as favorites and their recent activity.

Barack Obama Facebook Page - Read Senator Obama’s profile on Facebook and check out all of his related pages.

Barack Obama’s Flickr Photostream - Check out official photos from the campaign.

Barack Obama’s LinkedIn Profile - Senator Obama’s profile on the professional networking site.

Barack Obama’s MySpace Profile - This links to Senator Obama’s main MySpace profile, but they also feature a profile for each state of the country so you can get more local with your support.

Barack Obama’s YouTube Channel - Watch numerous official videos from Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

General Sites

Federal Election Commission - Keep tabs on where donations are coming from, whom they are going to and know where all of the money is. - Still unsure of who should get your vote? Glassbooth quizzes you on your beliefs and tells you which candidate best aligns with what you want. - Gives you easy access to look up how each politician has voted on each issue as well as providing quotes they have said on each. - Breaks down donations by biggest contributors, which industries are donating the most, and gives you a good sense of who really is backing each candidate. - Collects polling data from various sources into one location so you can easily track how various states are skewing in their support. - The popular debunking site has numerous entries of Internet rumors for both of the candidates. - Look up the voting and bill sponsorship records of Senators Biden, McCain and Obama, check out a graph of their legislative effectiveness amongst other information. - Gives you information on each candidate with contact information, political history and a few other assorted facts.

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