Do You Have A Pink Slip Protection Plan?

As the nation continues to struggle with a challenging economy there has been much talk about people losing jobs in this recession. There has also been much focus on helping the “job-seeker”.  But what about people who still have their jobs and are dealing with the daily stress of doing “double-time” to remain employed.  For this group, whom I call “job-keepers”, the stress of trying to keep a job can be just as daunting. In fact, stress levels may even be higher. 

Today if you have kept your job it’s most likely that you have inherited the jobs of one or more of your colleagues who were let go due to the downturn. All this, while trying to focus on your own professional responsibilities and delivering results.  So what does it really take to keep your job? And how can you build a pink-slip protection plan to insure that you are kept in this uncertain economy. Here are some tips to protect yourself from the slip.

Learn to Compete
The first line of offense in the pursuit of pink slip protection is to compete. Learn to compete by asking for challenging assignments, volunteer for unpopular or mundane tasks, and offer to be the first one to accept staying one hour later to make sure the job gets done.

Build Skill and Recognition
To protect your job you must build your reputation for delivering skill and recognition.  In other words, you must build a personal brand that allows people of influence to see you as “necessary” and “needed”.  First ask yourself, are you an expense or an asset? Then make a list of tangible examples of how you are driving growth for your organization or group.  Find five key influencers in your company and ask them for advice on how to share the best practices of your accomplishments to help other divisions grow.   

Your Attitude will Drive your Destiny
It is harder for an employer to terminate the office cheerleader. When you are asked the proverbial question “how are things going?” make sure your reply projects positively that you are a part of a positive solution. For example, instead of saying I’m so busy doing three jobs in one, say “We’re making some great things happen”. Your positive attitude in a time of despair will help you to be known for helping to keep the culture of your office focused on forward progress. 

Ask For The Opportunity To Keep Your Job
You would be surprised to know that most people looking to keep their job do not ask for the opportunity to be kept. It’s a bold move on your part but one that will show your commitment and dedication. If you want to avoid the pink slip be the first one to ask your employer to keep you. 

Kaplan Mobray wrote "The 10Ks of Personal Branding." He is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Career and Life Coach.

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