Consumer Alert: $5 Jobs

PHI consumer alert 5 dollar jobs

What would you do for 5 dollars? That question is the premise behind a new website.

It's a place where you can to get small tasks done on the cheap. It's called -- that's fiver with 2 "r"s.  A website where freelancers offer just about any service you can imagine for a flat rate of 5-bucks. And you may be surprised at what you can get.

Here's how it works:  People are able to sign up free, then post what service or task they're willing to perform in exchange for five dollars. Some are weird, but many are very useful. Like reviewing your resume. Or having someone else do your grocery shopping.

More than 60-thousand freelancers offer their services on the site. And if you can't find what you're looking for, you can post a request.

It's important to note if you're the one making the offers, fiverr takes a dollar for each task completed. And you need to earn 40-dollars before you can claim your money. That's equal to 10 jobs.

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