Comcast Goes Wireless

Comcast, the largest cable provider in the nation, is going wireless, the company announced Monday.

Subscribers will start to access the Internet anywhere in the U.S. when Comcast launches its anticipated high-speed wireless data service -- the appropriately-named Comcast High-Speed 2go.

The wireless data service first launched in Portland, Ore. Tuesday and was expected to expand in Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia by the end of the year.

Comcast claimed that High-Speed 2go will provide customers with the fastest wireless Internet in the nation via wireless data cards.

“With Comcast’s wideband Internet, we already offer one of the fastest wired connections available today. Now with the launch of High-Speed 2go, we also deliver the nation’s fastest wireless Internet,” said Senior Vice President and General Manager for wireless and voice services at Comcast, Cathy Avgiris.

The service will deliver data to laptops, netbooks and other devices to a wireless network at the fastest speed, said a Reuters report.

“Innovation through mobility is one of many advances Comcast is providing consumers in the area of entertainment, information and communications,” said Avgiris. “In today’s world, consumers don’t want to be disconnected for even a minute and now Comcast provides wired and wireless access -- a combination consumers won’t want to live without,” she said.

More information on packages or data cards were available at Comcast’s Web site.

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