Center City's #TakeOutPhilly Campaign Aims to Support Restaurants This Winter

Center City District has launched a #takeoutphilly multimedia advertising campaign, for which local agency LevLane has designed visuals

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Center City District has launched a multimedia advertising campaign aimed at supporting Philadelphia restaurants by encouraging people to order takeout during the coldest months running January through March, reported the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The #takeoutphilly campaign is based on the premise that not all of the city’s eateries have been able to winterize their outdoor dining areas with heating fixtures or other amenities, reports. Center City District also notes “the return to indoor dining will probably be gradual when it begins.”

Indoor dining is prohibited in Philadelphia until at least Jan. 15, along with other activities including indoor organized sports, theater operations, and gatherings and events. 

Center City District’s new campaign includes print, radio, web and social media ads, as well as placing them on bus shelters and digital screens. Emails corresponding to the initiative will also be sent to Center City and regional residents, while postcards will be distributed to residential buildings throughout downtown sporting the message: “Get Takeout! Skip the Dishes. Order Directly From Restaurants. Tip Generously.” 

The Philadelphia Business Journal has details about the "I Take Out" stickers that food lovers will receive when they order from their favorite restaurants and the iconic image that inspired the campaign art.

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