Cards Against Humanity Creator Designs New Card Game

The new game is called Slap .45

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One of the creators of Cards Against Humanity has come up with a new card game.

Chicagoan Max Temkin and a team of six other designers, have started a Kickstarter fundraising page hoping to fund the release of a new card game called Slap .45.

The Wild West card game intends to capture the feeling of a Western shootout, the game’s creators said.

Players group into teams and use the cards, which act as guns and events,  to “duel."

“Slap .45 is an old Western-themed duel game with a slap mechanic,” Temkin said in a video on the campaign page. “It’s crazy intense fun and it’s one of those games that everyone can learn in like 30 seconds and it escalates so quickly into this really competitive experience.”

The campaign, which still has 20 days left, has already raised nearly triple the original goal of $18,850.

Temkin also runs Chicago design firm Maxistentialism, where fellow Slap .45 creator and Chicagoan Ade Hogue works as a graphic designer.

The game was created by Baltimore-based Gnarwhal Studios, the same studio that created Humans vs. Zombies, dubbed the largest game of tag in the world.

It is available with a $35 pledge to the Kickstarter campaign, which runs through Sept. 17.

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