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You Could Be Owed Money

The Internal Revenue Service might owe you money.



    You Could Be Owed Money
    November 23, 2011: Philadelphia has about 2,500 pensioners that owe the city nearly 13-million dollars in back taxes.

    Want to know if the government owes you money for undelivered refund checks?  The IRS is saying that 99,123 people are being effected by this due to refund checks having mailing address errors.

    If you who believe that your refund check may have been returned to the IRS as undelivered you should use the “Where’s My Refund?” tool on This tool will show you the status of your refund, and gives instructions on how to resolve the delivery problems.

    If you want to checking on your refund by phone, you will receive instructions on how to update your mailing address. You can access this telephone version of “Where’s My Refund?” by calling 1-800-829-1954.

    Now only a small percentage of checks mailed out by the IRS are returned as undelivered, you can put an end to lost, stolen or undelivered checks by choosing direct deposit when you file either paper or electronic. The IRS is also recommending that you file your tax returns electronically, because e-file eliminates the risk or lost paper returns. E-filing also reduces errors on tax returns and you get your refund check faster. The Internal Revenue Service says that, "e-file combined with direct deposit is the best option for taxpayers to avoid refund problems; it’s easy, fast and safe."

    Also, you should be aware that the IRS doesn’t contact by e-mail to alert you on pending refunds and doesn't ask for your personal or financial information through email. Getting messages like these are considered to be a scam, and if you are receiving these messages, the agency urges you not to release any personal information, reply, open any attachments, or click on any links to avoid being hacked.