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The Super Bowl Ads Women Loved -- And Hated



    The Super Bowl Ads Women Loved -- And Hated
    Photo by Paolo Vescia, San Francisco Business Times
    GoldieBlox CEO Debbie Sterling shows off an engineering toy kit that helps girls build a belt drive out of a plastic pegboard, spools and ribbon.

    So it is logical to assume that during the most highly viewed TV broadcast of the year — the Super Bowl — that advertisers would make extraordinary efforts to target to women with advertising that is appealing, relevant, respectful and effective.

    It is with regret that I have to tell you that this was not the case this year.

    With the help of MJ Tocci, the co-founder and director of the Pittsburgh-based Heinz Negotiation Academy for Women, we developed a rubric to assess Sunday's ads. I asked about 25 female colleagues to view the commercials and to take into consideration the race, sexuality and culture being portrayed in the ad. I also asked them to assess the ad and decide if it was:

    • Effective and respectful to women
    • Effective but not respectful to women
    • Respectful to women but not effective

    A waste of $4 million! Ad was not effective and certainly not respectful! Read more about the Super Bowl ads women loved and loved to hate on

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