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Skee-Ball Skirmish Brews Over Use of Game Name

Bucks County business at odds with New York bar league



    A suburban Philadelphia company is suing a New York company who created "brewskee-ball" for trademark infringement. (Published Friday, May 9, 2014)

    A legal battle is brewing over the classic arcade game Skee-Ball.

    The suburban Philadelphia company that owns the trademark is at odds with the New York creators of Brewskee-Ball.

    Participants in Brewskee-Ball drink beer while competing for high scores in the bowling-style game. The league is based at the Brooklyn bar Full Circle.

    League founder Eric Pavony tells The Intelligencer the CEO of New Britain Township, Pa.-based Skee-Ball Inc. gave the outfit his blessing in 2005.

    But Skee-Ball Inc. sued Full Circle for trademark infringement. Full Circle countersued, claiming Skee-Ball's trademark is generic and should be canceled.

    The lawsuits have been joined and the case is pending in federal court in New York.

    Brewskee-Ball supporters set up a crowd-funding site this week to help with legal fees.