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Bank Targets Customers With Sleeve Tattoos



    Bank Targets Customers With Sleeve Tattoos
    Philadelphia Business Journal

    In the traditionally conservative world of bank advertising, you don’t often see young women with visible sleeve tattoos on advertisements selling the virtues of an institution.

    But for East River Bank, which is trying to grow an Old City branch it bought in late 2012, it makes perfect sense to appeal to the young, hipster crowd that live and work near the 36 N. 3rd Street location.

    The bank, based in the East Falls section of the city, hopes the advertising will catch the eyes of the entrepreneurs and small businesses that frequent the corridor of Old City known as “Nerd” (N. 3rd) Street.

    The advertisement, pictured to the right, stands outside the branch and features the theme of a new campaign East River put together with Neff & Associates built around the “Bank Local” theme.
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