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Sinkhole Swallows Up Milk Truck



    Sinkhole Swallows Up Milk Truck

    A sinkhole swallowed up a milk truck this morning as it made its way down a snowy city street.

    The Delgado Wholesale Dairy truck got stuck in a sinkhole along the 600 block of E Westmoreland Street in the Kensington section of Philadelphia around 9:30 a.m. Monday.

    Nerdido Ricardo, owner of the Burlington, N.J.-based wholesaler, said one of his drivers was hauling about 25,000 pounds of milk and juice when the roadway suddenly gave way dropping the truck into an 8-foot deep ditch.

    The driver of the truck wasn’t hurt, according to Ricardo.

    After getting stuck, the hole appeared to grow larger around the rear tires of the 7-by-10-foot refrigerated truck.

    It’s not clear what caused the incident.

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