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Stripper Wife Too "Fragile, Young" to Kill Gatti: Atty

Cops say 23-year-old dancer choked Gatti while he was drunk



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    Cops believe the brunette stunner was able to strangle the Jersey City fighter because he was drunk after a night of partying.

    The stripper wife of accused of slaying former boxing champ Arturo Gatti is too "fragile, young and skinny" to choke the life out of her hulking hubby with a nylon purse strap, a lawyer said.

    Amanda Rodrigues, 23, an ex-exotic dancer, is accused of strangling Gatti in their posh rental village in a Brazilian seaside resort town where the couple had gone to rekindle their relationship on a second honeymoon.

    But an attorney for the accused killer said the petite brunette is too "fragile, young and skinny" to slay the former boxing champ, lawyer Celio Avelio told the New York Daily News.

    Cops believe the beauty was able to strangle the Jersey City fighter because he was drunk after a night of partying.

    Rodrigues, the mother of Gatti's 10-month-old son, stabbed her husband in the back on the head and choked him with a purse strap once he passed out in the rented apartment, according to the News.

    "It was technically impossible for a third person to have been in the flat," investigator Moises Teixeira told the News. "She did this alone."

    There were no signs of forced entry into the room and electronic locks showed no one else had entered the apartment, the News reported.

    Gatti's sister said the ex-stripper used to start fights all the time.

    "She always said, 'I'm gonna kill you, I'm gonna kill you," Anna-Maria Gatti told CTV News Montreal. "My mother told him to leave her. The only reason that he didn't want to leave her was the boy."

    Rodrigues was arrested Sunday and told cops she and her husband had a fight at the bar Friday night and Gatti pushed her to the ground, causing her minor injury.

    They slept in separate rooms -- she in the bedroom with her son and Gatti on the living room couch -- and three hours after she woke up at 6 a.m. to feed her son she realized Gatti was dead, Rodrigues told cops.

    But witnesses claim Gatti left his son asleep in the apartment and went back out to find his wife. She went up to the flat before he returned. 

     "She was an evil person," ex-manager Pat Lynch told the News. "She has no soul. Someone who's capable of doing this -- I hope she rots in hell."