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Military Seeks to Boot Pride Grand Marshal

National Guard Lieutenant Dan Choi's public admission of homosexuality shines light on controversial issue



    Military Seeks to Boot Pride Grand Marshal
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    Lieutenant Choi is a force to be reckoned with as an advocate against the military's policy regarding homosexual servicemembers.

    Since revealing his homosexuality on television, National Guard Lieutenant Dan Choi has become the most public face in the newly hot debate over whether openly gay servicemembers be allowed to serve in the military.

    Last weekend, Lieutenant Choi presided over the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade as Grand Marshal.

    But today, a review panel confirmed an earlier recommendation from Choi's superiors to discharge the officer.

    Pending a decision from higher officers, Choi still serves -- as an Arabic translator, a skill currently in high demand within the armed services.

    President Barack Obama promised during his campaign to let gays serve openly, overturning the "don't ask, don't tell" policy jury-rigged by the Clinton administration.

    Now the president and congress are busy passing the buck over the issue, neither willing to take the praise or blame for taking a stand.

    Photo by Flickr user hoodiefanatic.

    Jackson West has generally figured if the gays want so badly to shoot and get shot at, more power to them.