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"Palin" Strippers Go to the Polls

Sin City strip club hosts Sarah Palin look-alike contest



    "Palin" Strippers Go to the Polls
    A couple dozen Sarah Palin lookalikes in swimsuits? You betcha!

    The wire-rimmed glasses, the skirt that stops just above the knee, the high heels, the hair pinned up … it's been a classic look among strippers for years. With Sarah Palin's turn on the national stage, should enjoy a strip club renaissance.

    The Club Paradise Men's Club in Vegas will host a Palin look-alike contest, with contestants judged by their resemblance to the veep hopeful and their debating skills. No, seriously.

    Sadly, the club's owners have completely missed the "naughty librarian" mystique behind Palin's allure, requiring that the wannabes compete wearing bath suits, as Palin did when she was first runner up in the Miss Alaska Pageant in 1984.

    No word on whether Tina Fey, Dr. Melfi, or Gina Gershon will compete.