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Octomom Gets Reality Show



    Octomom Gets Reality Show
    Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photobank
    Who wouldn't want to watch a show about octomom Nadya Suleman?

    It was just a matter of time. Nadya Suleman and her army of children are getting a reality show, according to an attorney.

    Octomom's attorney Jeff Czech told Us Magazine that Suleman signed the deal on Thursday.

    "[Nadya and the producers] are hoping to have an arrangement whereby several events in the children's lives would be filmed in a documentary series," Czech told the magazine:

    Describing the as-yet untitled show as a "quasi-reality TV series," Czech said that the production company, Eyeworks, was moving ahead to make a deal with a network.

    "They might be several shows aired during a year. There are all kinds of possibilities. It really depends on what the networks want," her lawyer said.

    As for the octo-sized payday, Czech remained tight-lipped on how much Suleman would be getting paid.

    And because we were all thinking it, Czech pointed out that the new show "will not be like the 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' show."

    That's a shame, because the season 5 premiere of "Jon and Kate Plus 8" aired Monday to 10 million viewers. That's nothing to sneeze at in the world of cable reality television.

    And on a final note, despite being tempted, we are refusing to make any Nadya Suleman plus 14 jokes.