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Obama: "Walk This Way My Friend"

McCain lurches through third debate, literally



    Obama: "Walk This Way My Friend"
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    "I think that went rather well; don't you John?"

    It's a photo that at first glance one assumes couldn't possibly be real.

    Sen. Barack Obama is striding confidently across the stage at Hofstra University following the third and final presidential debate. Trailing him is his opponent Sen. John McCain, with his eyes bulging, arms outstretched and tongue sticking out of his gaping maw. He looks somewhat like the vampire Nosferatu about to pounce on a youthful virgin, or more simply just a dirty old man looking to play some grab-ass.

    What was happening on that stage? A sneeze? A campaign death rattle? It's a picture worth a thousand words.

    Actually it was McCain trying to gain his bearings as he attempted to follow Bob Schieffer off the stage, as the moderator quickly changed direction.