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Nadya Suleman Is Angelina Jolie



    Nadya Suleman Is Angelina Jolie
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    Nadya Suleman and Angelina Jolie look alike and both have an obsession with babies.

    Separated at birth?

    Is it just us or does California octo-mom Nadya Suleman bear an uncanny resemblance to sexto-mom Angelina Jolie (hey, she’s sexy and has six kids -- get it?).

    Anyway, we can't help but wonder if Suleman has a "Single White Female" thing going on with Jolie, since not only does she seem to want to look like her, she also seems to want to be a baby tree like her, too.

    Of course, Jolie only has three biological kids — two being twins — and three adopted, while Suleman has 14 in her natural (in-vitro fertilization for a single mother is “natural,” right?) litter.

    More similarities between the two: Suleman tells NBC’s Ann Curry that she her childhood "wasn't functional."

    In fact, "It was pretty, pretty dysfunctional, and whose isn't?" Octo-mom asks.

    So her childhood was functional?

    Jolie, meanwhile, was born to "Midnight Cowboy" and "Deliverance” star Jon Voight, who left Jolie's fashion-model mother when the future star was just two years old. She later went to Beverly Hills High School. There had to be some dysfunction along the way.

    We're certainly not the first ones to think all of this and ponder whether Suleman has had plastic surgery, possibly as part of her quest to be like Angelina.

    The next great piece of investigative journalism may reveal that Suleman’s sperm-donor looks strikingly like a certain reverse-aging actor.