Top-Earning U.S. Towns

Lower Merion, Pa. makes the list of the top 25 top-earning U.S. towns according to CNN Money, Fortune Magazine and Money Magazine. Here are the top 10:

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Part of suburban Philadelphia's Main Line, Lower Merion, Pa. ranks 5th on the list of Top -earning towns. From education to recreation to real estate, it is the only Pennsylvania town to make the list.
Ranking 10th on the list of 25, Fairfield, Ct. features miles of beaches, but also has a downtown feel. And it's also close to cities big and small from New York to Hartford.
Hoboken, NJ. boasts a front row seat of the Manhattan skyline. Despite it's proximity to the bustling big apple, it's got a small town feel with parks, beaches and waterfron fun.
Newport Beach, Ca. is all about the stunning blue water. But 10 miles of coastline and gorgeous beach-front homes are just the start. Even in winter, this town averages comfly, mild weather in the mid 60's.
Number 9 on the list is Brookline, Ma. The birthplace of notables like JFK and Conan O'Brien, it's a quaint small town just outside of Boston.
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Ashburn, Va. ranks 6th on the list of Top-earning towns. About 30 miles outside DC, it's also home to the NFL Washington Redskins' training camp. Players don't just work here. Several choose to live in Ashburn, too.
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When you think of Silicon Valley, think Palo Alto. Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg lives here, alongside other tech-savvy residents. If the big names don't impress you, perhaps the great schools and amazing weather will.
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Greenwich, Ct. is the second Connecticut town on the list. At number 2, Greenwhich features homes worth tens of millions of dollars and has a small-town feel with a population of just 62,074. Long Island Sound, or even the closest to Manhattan. It's also a magnet for hedge funds and boutique financial service companies. Many of their well-paid executives call it home for the short commute, the excellent school system and access to outdoor attractions, which include beaches, boating and golf. The town also offers its own fully professional symphony orchestra. Bring your checkbook and your Swiss bank account. Home prices can run from half a million, all the way up to $33 million for a 15,000-square-foot estate with 15-bedrooms and 17 baths.
The top-earning town in America is Bethesda, Md. It's just outside the nation's capitol and is given props for an abundance of dining, outdoor and cultural events.
Number 7 belongs to Newton, Ma. This small town is known for it's well-respected schools and huge local libraries. It's also right in the path of the annual Boston Marathon.
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