IMAGES: The Knotted Grotto

Kathy DiCesare takes an emotional tour through the Knotted Grotto with her grandchildren.

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Morgan Zalot
Morgan Zalot
Kathy DiCesare came with her grandchildren from South Philadelphia to tour the Knotted Grotto outside the Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul.
Morgan Zalot
"We all need prayer," Kathy DiCesare, of South Philadelphia, said after she helped her grandson Logan, 18 months, and granddaughter Sienna, 6, tie their prayers at the Knotted Grotto.
Morgan Zalot
Inside The Knotted Grotto, messages of love and hope hang outside the Cathedral.
Morgan Zalot/NBC10
The symbolism, a volunteer at the Grotto explained to people who streamed in to write intentions on Wednesday, is that at times, "you can't undo your own knots" and need support from others.
Morgan Zalot
Pope Francis is expected to bless the thousands of intentions written in different languages and tied at the grotto during his visit this weekend.
Morgan Zalot
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