What’s to Eat at the Ballpark

From new options to old favorites (yum Crab Fries) to a battle for loaded nachos supremacy, see what's being served during Phillies games at Citizens Bank Park this season.

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NBC10 - Dan Stamm
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
The folk at Citizens Bank Park and ARAMARK showed off some of the new selections available at Citizens Bank Park this season for Phillies fans. From tacos to cupcakes there is plenty on the menu at the ballpark.
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
This year's menu included some old favorites. "It's an ode to ballpark food," said ARAMARK Senior Executive Chef for CBP Glenn Richmond.
nRichmond calls the new mini corn dogs a "unique twist" on tradtion. The corn dogs come with a side of beer mustard.
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
The ARAMARK folks also sat down to discuss old-school Philly food combos and came away with two fries options, Richmond said.
nThe first is Philly Fries topped with chopped steak, caramelized onions and cheese (of course).
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
There are also the brand new 1970s-diner inspired Disco Fries that are topped with brown gravy, bacon and melted mozzarella.
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
How about a different "twist" on Philly soft pretzels? The pretzel braids come with a side of beer mustard and cheese fondue.
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
They are also bringing some new sandwiches to the ballpark.
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
The Cracklin' Slow-Roasted Pork Sandwich with wilted greens and sharp provolone on artisan bread was a holdover inspired by the Winter Classic menu.
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
Another Winter Classic holdover is a selection of Gina's cupcakes, said Richmond.
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
Gina was even there to show the cannoli, red velvet and other flavored cupcakes that will be available at the new Dessert Alley stand located by section 140.
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
Mini cinnamon sugar donuts will also be served on Dessert Alley on game days.
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Another new addition to the ballpark this year is a Latin/Mexican food stand near section 122 that will feature tacos and more.
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
This year's ballpark food battle will be fought between the Pork Nachos (ancho pepper-braised pork, tomato salsa, jalepenos, nacho cheese and sour cream) and BBQ Chicken Nachos (slow-roasted barbeque sauce-braised chicken, tomato salsa, black beans nacho cheese and sour cream) available behind section 122.
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
Of course plenty of ballpark favorites are also back including the return of every stand on Ashburn Alley.
McNally's The Schmitter featuring steak, salami, cheese and more) is sure to satisfy fans.
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
As are Tony Luke's cheesesteaks...
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
...Campo's cheesesteaks...
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
...and Chickie's & Pete's Crab Fries...
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
...and Planet Hoagie.
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
The classic Italian hoagie from Planet Hoagie on Ashburn Alley.
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
And a new special series sandwich -- the meatball sub. Planet Hoagie's Sal Fogarino said they used his mother's traditional recipe to put together this tasty treat.
NBC10 Boston
Season's Pizza is also back serving up pies.
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
Including pepperoni pizza.
NBC10 - Dan Stamm
Good eating to all of you at the ballpark this season.
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