New Jersey Civil War Statue Beheaded

Bridgeton Police are offering a reward for the head, and the vandal(s).

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NBC Philadelphia
December 8, 2011: Bridgeton, New Jersey police are offering up $100 to whoever can help find the head (and the beheader) for this Civil War statue in City Park.
Ted Greenberg
December 8, 2011: Someone chopped the head off of a Civil War soldier statue inside City Park in Bridgeton, New Jersey.
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Ted Greenberg
Police aren't exactly sure how it happened, considering the height of the monument.
Ted Greenberg
The head is valued at about $3,000, according to police.
Ted Greenberg
Bridgeton police are offering a $100 reward to anyone who can lead them to the vandal or vandals who defaced the statue. And they also want the head returned. You can call the TIP line at 856-455-5560 or Bridgeton police at 856-451-0033
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