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Mommy blogger Karla Trotman shares her top items for back-to-college kids. Dorm rooms and college apartments are not known for being spacious, so you must consolidate when possible...
That is why the iHome iA17 App-Enhanced Color Changing Alarm Clock FM Radio for iPhone and iPod is the perfect choice for students. It charges while playing the iPhone or iPod, tells you the weather, syncs with iHome + Radio, allows you to wake and sleep to your musical library, a number of stations or colors. You can even enhance your wake up with social media.
Price: $99.99
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If you have opted for an iPad as your technology of choice, you want to make sure that you protect it. The The NuShield DayVue will give you superior glare and scratch protection on your iPad. Its made of super thin, durable plastic to protect against dust, scratches and gouges. Bonus: it's a local company.
Price: 22
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The keyboard on the iPad takes up half of the screen. If you are a touch typist, you may like the feel of a keyboard as you are typing. This is why the iLuv Professional Case with Bluetooth Keyboard is a great accessory for the iPad 2. It is a detachable keyboard with a kickstand. Battery life = 5 days of usage. Also works with the iPhone 4.
Price: $129.99
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You want to watch a movie, but your roommate is studying, no problem. Pull the movie up on your iPad and plug in the SRS Labs iWOW – 3D Audio Enhancement Adaptor for iPhone, iPod and iPad. This adaptor gives you a surround sound theatre experience even with a low-tech set of headphones or earbuds.
Price: $69.99
HP Pavillion G6 Laptop
•tWindows 7 •tIntel’s Pentium and Core I processors •t512 MB and 1GB graphics options •t6-cell battery for longer use •tBuilt-in webcam, DMI port and digital media card •tAltec-Lansing speakers and SRS Surround Sound •tChoices of colors
Price: $399 starting
Marley Positive Vibration Headphones
Price: $79.99If you're looking to study videos, listen to some music on the way to class, or review a lecture, The House of Marley "Positive Vibrations" headphones will keep the noise out while letting you hear every word and beat. Made with eco-friendly materials that your Biology professor would approve of. Portion of proceeds benefit non-profit
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Livescribe 8GB Echo Smartpen is a recordable pen is for the student that still likes to put pen to paper and take notes. The interesting thing about this product is that it records what is being said as well as writing, so its great for lectures. When you get home, upload your notes to the computer.
Price: $199.95
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School is stressful enough without having to think while you are working out. The Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom takes care of all the thinking. Using GPS technology to track your runs, where you run, heart rate, calories burned and even alerts you to when you run a personal best.
Price: $199
VuPoint Scanner is a portable scanner. Forget the days of photocopying. Bring this handheld scanner with you to the library and scan all the material that you need. Scans in color and B&W. SD card is not included.
Price: $100
Lord knows what is on a college dorm mattress. You would be crazy to just place your nice clean sheets on it without some type of protection. My Back to College choice is the Therapedic 500 Twin Extra Long Mattress Pad. Its antimicrobial fill releases and repels stains.
Price: $64.99 Exclusively at Bed, Bath & Beyond
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Bed, Bath & Beyond is offering a lucky college student a $100 gift card. Go to Karla's blog, to win and for details on all of these products.
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