Lucky’s Last Chance Opens Quietly

The Feast takes on the classic and creative at this new burger and beer bar in Manayunk.

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Marcos Espinoza/The Feast
The side of grape jelly is the key to enjoying the salty and sweet P.B. & Bacon burger. It ties the whole thing together, even as it's falling apart in your hands.
All of these burgers will be joined shortly by hot dogs and perhaps a vegetarian option. For now, Lucky's is focused on making sure that these chosen few burgers are executed perfectly.
Marcos Espinoza/The Feast
Topped with gooey macaroni and cheese, the Mak Attack can be somewhat intimidating, but have no fear. Chef Pat Brady keeps the mac and cheese together by topping the whole thing with a slice of cheese.
Marcos Espinoza/The Feast
Okay, we suppose it's scary...Scary delicious that is.
Marcos Espinoza/The Feast
The Joocey Lucy takes its inspiration from the Twin Cities of Minnesota, and we would definitely take this bacon and cheese-stuffed patty over McNabb any day of the week.
Marcos Espinoza/The Feast
Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, runny yolk in the Bacon, Egg & Cheese...burger requires a few napkins.
Marcos Espinoza/The Feast
A cross-section of the Bacon, Egg & Cheese...burger, served with sliced pickles and Parmesan fries.
Marcos Espinoza/The Feast
Lucky's also has an upstairs with a small dance floor and DJs spinning house music. "There's plenty of places that do Top 40," Chris Barnes says of Main St. "Not that there's anything wrong with that, but we want to have different options at Lucky's."
Marcos Espinoza/The Feast
There is but one rule at Lucky's, and it's printed in large, easy to read font in case you have one too many.
Marcos Espinoza/The Feast
In addition to six beers on tap and an extensive list of bottles, Lucky's also offers a full bar and expects to be serving vintage cocktails in the near future.
Marcos Espinoza/The Feast
"The name is an homage to road trip culture," says partner Chris Barnes. "The burgers on our menu are inspired by hidden roadside gems."
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