High School Prom Sweethearts Find Each Other After 64 Years, Fall in Love and Marry

Two high school sweethearts who went to prom together found each other again after 64 years, fell in love and got married last week.

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Joyce Kevorkian and James Bowman were high school sweethearts, but they lost touch after moving away to different colleges in 1953.
But 64 years later, Bowman sent his old flame a letter, asking to get in touch. They met in her hometown of South Bend, Indiana, and fell in love all over again.
This is a photo from their prom night, and a photo from this month. The couple had their first date in 1952.
The happy couple said they felt like they were 17 years old all over again. On April 2, 2017, they tied the knot.
A photo from 64 years ago, on prom night. Both had married other people and had children before they found each other again.
The newlyweds celebrate with a kiss.
Kevorkian's granddaughter posted a photo of the happy couple on Twitter and said the love story was shared far and wide. "I showed the love birds all the attention this tweet got. My grandma says "800 likes? That means only a few million don't like us!"
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