Fall Freeze: Protect Your Plants

Tips on how to protect your plants with the first frost and freeze warnings.

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Flowers like this are as fragile as they are beautiful when the first frost or freeze hits.
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Some flowers, like mums, are hearty and stand up better to the cold.
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But most simply cannot.
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Move them first to someplace warm if you can.
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If that's not an option or if your plants are in the ground, paper and plastic can work well to protect them.
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Start with the paper. Work to create a tent, placing the paper over the plants first.
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Then top that with plastic cover. That two-step process keeps the heat from the ground in and prevents the frost and the moisture from coming down.
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You'll want to remove the protective cover in the morning as the temperatures get warmer.
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The greatest threat of frost usually occurs overnight when the temperature drops enough to freeze the moisture on plant leaves and buds.
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You can also use natural fabrics like cotton or linen or a burlap bag to cover plants.
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