Bernard Hopkins Works Out

Bernard Hopkins, 48, seeks to take the IBF Light Heavyweight World Championship Title back on March 9 in a bout vs. Tavoris Cloud.

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Sarah Glover
Philadelphia boxer Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins, 48, is preparing for his March 9, 2013 fight against Tavoris Cloud.
Sarah Glover
Hopkins answers media questions at Joe Hand Boxing Gym.
Sarah Glover
Hopkins said he's old enough to be his opponent's father, but that's not holding him back.
Sarah Glover
Hopkins' hands are wrapped before his training workout.
Sarah Glover
Trainer Danny Davis has worked with Hopkins for the past 10 years. Davis said, "He's an inspiration to anyone. He never gives up. Never let someone tell you what you can't do despite your age. Fulfill your dream like Hopkins."
Sarah Glover
Hopkins' March 9 fight will be televised live on HBO World Championship.
Sarah Glover
Hopkins credits discipline as his secret weapon to staying in great shape while nearing 50 years-old.
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