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Wild Turkeys "Terrify" NJ Neighbors

Wild turkeys are harassing, even attacking folks in one New Jersey town



    Wild Turkeys Tormenting Residents in NJ Town

    Wild turkeys are becoming a problem in Hainesport Township, New Jersey. Residents say the turkeys go after cars and people all the time. To help the turkey problem Hainesport Township is considering an ordinance to ban people from feeding the wild birds. NBC10's Doug Shimell reports. (Published Monday, June 25, 2012)

    PLEASE stop feeding those wild turkeys!

    That may be the only humane way to deal with a foul flock of birds in Hainesport Township, New Jersey that seems to be getting increasingly aggressive.

    "They come after my car all the time," Melanie Morton told the Burlington County Times.

    Morton said she even witnessed a wild turkey attacking a jogger one day.

    "It was terrifying," Morton said.

    Morton decided to investigate a little more; find out why the wild turkeys were hanging around her neighborhood. She claims a neighbor has been feeding them. So now the town is considering an ordinance to ban folks from feeding the birds. Violators would faces fines up to $2,000.

    Larry Hajna, with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, estimates there about 30 wild turkeys, but only a handful of true troublemakers.

    "There appears to be a couple of bad actors. . .a couple of bad turkeys giving the flock a bad name."

    The don't-feed-the-birds public hearing is set for July 10.