Zoo With Roy's Favorites

As Philadelphians living in an era of quite possibly the greatest baseball ever played (100 wins!), we have become accustomed to the season extending well into October, when pumpkins and their accompanying spices infuse their way into many a fall dish as well as the myriad ales offered by craft brewers. Staying true to this tradition and simultaneously taking it a step further, Iron Hill brewer Vince Derosiers combines two things we love the most—beer and baseball—and "collaborates" with our favorite Phillies blogger, @ZooWithRoy, to make a pumpkin-spiced Oktoberfest beer that will be tapped today, September 27, exclusively at their North Wales location.

As an added bonus, if you're sporting a ZWR t-shirt, you'll get a free slice of pumpkin pie. On this momentous occasion, ZooWithRoy was kind enough to give us a list of his favorite spots for eating and game watching in case you're vehically challenged or have some other lame excuse for not getting out to Iron Hill North Wales to sample this beer, described by brewer Vince as:

"An Uber Oktoberfest. Strong version of the famous fall lager brewed with pumpkin. Doctoberfest is amber in color and malty on the pallet with strong notes of vanilla and cinnamon. The subtle use of seasonal spices accentuates the spicy noble hop aroma."

Without further ado, we present to you our Feast List: Zoo With Roy Zeitgeist.

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