Zake's Takes the Cake

The converted home maintains a cozy feel, so much so that you might expect to be greeted with a cup of tea by proper Victorian ladies. Thankfully there is no stuffiness to the refined atmosphere of Zake's Cakes and Cafe. Guests can seat themselves and enjoy the airy d�cor and gracious touches such as the Impressionist paintings and fresh flowers.

At first glance you might think Zake’s is merely a fancy bakery, however the restaurant serves a full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Treat yourself to a homemade breakfast at Zake’s and you won’t be sorry. The French toast ($6.95) is lovingly prepared with honey whole wheat bread and served with a light, homemade caramel sauce that is the perfect compliment to the hearty toast. This, like many of the other breakfast entrees, is served with a fresh side of fruit.

For both lunch and dinner there is welcomed variety to the menu, offering everything from Vietnamese noodle salad ($8.95) and Thai chicken ($8.75) to a Dim Sum platter ($18) and homemade Ravioli ($18) with sweet Florida corn, baby spinach, wild mushrooms and heirloom tomatoes.

Aside from their regular menu, the restaurant offers seasonal specials like two summer quiches (caramelized onion with spinach and brie and crab with shrimp, tomato and provolone, $8.95) or a lemongrass grilled salmon and asparagus salad ($8.95).

If you are too full to indulge in dessert, take some home. Zake’s has gained a reputation for excellent cakes and pastries. The bakery cabinet is a feast for the eyes, with elaborately decorated cakes, that taste as good as they look. Choose from elegant fruit tarts, cookies, danish and some of the most sweetly decorated cupcakes you’ll ever see.

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