You want More Than Just Ice Cream

If you’re hungry for comfort food, yearning for a meal, or just simply struggling with a sweet tooth, then More Than Just Ice Cream in Midtown Village is a perfect solution.

To start, try the fresh guacamole; served with a side of warm corn chips, the avocado dip is a refreshing and pleasant surprise. You’ll clean your bowl with no complaints.

If avocado isn’t your thing, how about a classic bowl of baked mac & cheese? More Than’s mac won’t disappoint; perfectly cooked elbow macaroni in a light cheese sauce topped with fresh stewed tomatoes and paired with a side of balsamic greens. It’s worthy of elevation from appetizer to entr�e status.

If the onset of summer has you watching your calories, More Than Just Ice Cream lives up to it’s name. The menu features plenty of healthy options for the calorie conscious. The southwestern flank steak salad is a standout: A pile of chopped romaine, plum tomatoes, red onion and corn topped with a tangy chipotle ranch dressing and steak.

If you’re read to indulge, the entire selection of entrees is spectacular. A plate of grilled brined pork chops topped with warm apple compote is a meal you can’t say no to. These little piggies are plated next to the largest side of steamed lemon broccoli you’ll ever see. Green and gigantic, they almost overshadow the heaping mound of homemade mash.

But the joint ain’t called More Then Just Ice Cream ‘cause it’s all about the main courses, obviously: They also have sweets. It's what they really do best. (Diabetics be warned: You may want to stop reading.)

But the options are worth the extra time you might have to spend on the treadmill. Any kind of sundae or ice cream concoction is available at More Than. If you don’t want the simple hot fudge sundae, have one of the many homemade baked goods. Or if you really want to live life to it’s fullest combine them all! Go out of your way to try the made-to-order fresh hot waffle. It isn't heavy; it's a light, perfect compliment to the mound of ice cream placed on top.

Really concerned about your waistline? Then choose a frozen yogurt to cut a few calories. And it’s definitely a dessert you should plan on sharing.

More Than Just Ice Cream, 1119 Locust St, 215-574-0586

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