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The cold, hard truth is, there aren’t many great options for Mexican food in Philadelphia. Sure, you could head over to El Vez and Tequila’s, which are both fabulous, but they’re going to empty your wallet. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some decent Mexican food at a more practical price without having to go south of the border?

The Mexican Post is the very happy medium, a moderately priced but equally tasty foray into Mexican Cuisine. The restaurant is now serving two locations, both in the heart of Old City, and in the beautiful Logan Square at 16th and Cherry streets.

The menu has a plethora of options and there’s something for everyone. Looking for a great appetizer? Check out the camarones acapulco and the minichangas. The camarones are five delicious shrimp stuffed with Chihuahua cheese and jalapenos for some serious kick. To top it all off, each one is engulfed by a slice of bacon and served with a zesty chipolte sauce. The equally delicious minichangas are rolled flour tortillas stuffed with shredded crabmeat and baby shrimp—the perfect start to any meal.

For entrees, there are plenty of choices too, including an entire menu page devoted to Mexican dishes and another with more of an American flair. Among these, the fajitas are top notch: Aromatic, sizzling and topped with chicken and beef cooked to juicy perfection. The flautas are also excellent: Two lightly crisped flour tortillas stuffed with shredded chicken and smothered in guacamole. Every dish is served with beans and rice on the side. There’s no way anyone is leaving this place hungry.

If you can still breathe after all that food, don’t forget to check out the fried ice cream, with crust that resembles a warm cinnamon sugar doughnut. The crust has a perfect consistency, hard enough to be considered a shell but created from the ideal amount of sugar and cinnamon; it melts in your mouth.

And let’s not forget about the best part. The Mexican Post has over 100 different types of Tequila, more than any other Mexican restaurant in the city. The Margaritas are strong and concocted with premium liquor and fresh fruit. Do yourself a favor a make a date this spring to drink some high quality tequila, chow on some good Mexican food, and bask in the glow of LOVE Park at one of the tranquil outside tables.

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