Yo Stupid! Claim Your $200,000

You could have won all this money and not even know about it

Yo stupid! It's your brain talking...

You've got $200,000 floating around and don't even know it. Go find that old Powerball ticket from last year so you can claim your prize.

Yea, you know, the one you bought last June when the Powerball was worth millions. You had your future all planned out: the new house, the cars and you'd finally be able to get your loser brother out of the basement.

Nothing? I can't believe you don't remember this!

You waited in those long lines at Choi's corner store on Ford Road. It was baffling to you just how many people were in the store. You usually just go down there to grab a few 40s when all the beer's gone.

Anyway, you threw down your five bucks and immediately knew you were the winner. You got that itch in your hand…well at least you hoped it was from that. The girl you met at Finnegans the night before was pretty skanky (stupid beer goggles).

Still nothing? Man, I've gotta stop letting you have free reign on weekends...

You were cool, calm and collected on the day of the drawing -- quietly preparing what you were going to say to the reporters when you announced your win.

Finally the time had come! You flip on the TV and as the numbers are drawn you get one after the other: 09 - 12 - 31 - 39 - 52 and then the Powerball number 32.

32? Wait, you didn't have 32! I can't remember anything after that. I think you may have blacked out from the anger or maybe all the drinking you did later on.

But I do know that you never claimed that ticket for the "lesser" prize. So I need you to go on a little search through that trash heap that you call a living room and look for that ticket.

You only have until Thursday before the ticket expires so get on it -- because while its not millions, $200K will do some serious damage in A.C.

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