Ya Can't Fool Beer Drinkers

Resorts Atlantic City fined for mislabeling beer taps

Ever wonder what the difference is between "tastes great" and "less filling?"

In one Atlantic City casino, it's $5,000--That's how much New Jersey regulators fined Resorts Atlantic City on Wednesday for having mislabeled beer keg taps at one casino bar on two occasions last year.

In March, one tap was labeled "Miller Lite" and another one "Miller Genuine Draft." But both taps were connected to a keg containing the light beer.

In August, a similar situation occurred in which taps labeled "Coors Original" and "Coors Light" were both dispensing the full-calorie, full-carb brew.

The action was taken after inspectors from the state Division of Gaming Enforcement found the mislabeled taps at New Jersey's oldest casino. The fines were necessary under state casino law, which regulates the sale or free provision of alcoholic beverages at gambling halls.

"It's an issue of integrity," said Linda Kassekert, chairwoman of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, which approved the fine on Wednesday. "It may sound trivial, but it's not; people should get what they pay for."

She said there have been past instances at other casinos where drinks supposedly containing high-end, top-prices liquor actually consisted of lower-priced brands.

And in the case of the faux Coors Light, she said, patrons with health problems like diabetes could unwittingly increase their blood sugar by drinking beer with more carbs than they thought.

Resorts did not contest the fine. The casino declined to comment.

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