Worst Valentine: I Never Loved You

"We never made a huge deal about the actual day but there was always a personal and meaningful small gift to each other. My husband of 27 years and sweethearts of 32 years got up early and left for work; nothing special or out of the ordinary. No card, note or any hint that it was a notable day.

Being a stay-at-home Mom, my day went on as usual, doing the usual household duties, errands, and being a Mom-taxi for a 15 year old. Dinner out had not been discussed, so I planned my hubby's favorite meal as a surprise, along with a card and a framed picture of the two of us from our oldest daughter's wedding just 9 months earlier.

When my husband came home he presented me with a small bouquet of flowers and announced we were going out to dinner even though I had cooked. I thought it a bit strange but I went along with it not wanting to cause an argument on Valentine's Day.

We went to a local restaurant, one we didn't normally go to. We were seated in the back at a cozy table. My husband was unusually quiet but I just thought it had been a hard day at work. He finally spoke up after we had ordered our meal and said the words you never want to hear, 'I have never loved you and want a divorce.'

I was in total shock and did not know what to do or say.

I tried to leave but he insisted that we eat our dinner that had just arrived in the middle of his proclamation.

I must say it was the most humiliating and devastating day of my life, second only to finding out that he had taken his MUCH YOUNGER mistress there the night before to celebrate. He married the same week our divorce was final and I am still looking for love."

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