Worst Valentine: My Husband Married My Mom!

"My husband and I were supposed to be married on February 15, 2007 but the day before (Valentine's Day), a huge storm hit and dumped a whole lot of snow in Burlington County, NJ. My husband and I called to make sure our wedding site was still accessible, but they said no. They told us the only available site was the gazebo outside and because everyone in the township was taking care of the streets, we would have to shovel the area ourselves if we wanted to use it.

Our wedding ceremony had been planned (and paid for) for months, so we let everyone know the change of plans. My husband spent four hours shoveling snow from the gazebo and walkways.

We had to cut our ceremony short (about five minutes) and I had to wear a coat over my wedding dress because it was so cold. To make matters worse, the minister was angry with us for going ahead with the ceremony. She was so annoyed, that she didn't pay attention and put my mother's first name on the marriage certificate!

And of course, we couldn't even hold the small party afterwards because the location we had chosen was closed. We all ended up going to Olive Garden afterwards.

In the end it took a month to change the marriage certificate and during that month my husband was technically married to my mother and to this day we still haven't been able to have a wedding. Last year wasn't any better. We weren't able to celebrate our first anniversary because it snowed AGAIN, the babysitter had to cancel and then husband got called into work. I swear we are CURSED!"

Yup, sounds like it!

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