Worst Valentine: Bye-Bi Breakup

We asked for your Worst Valentine's Day stories and boy did you deliver. This woman's night ended with a run for the restroom, a nasty breakup and a life-long visceral reaction to Gnocchi.

"It was a typical Valentine's Day between my partner and me. We were engaged to be married in the fall and we chose to go out to dinner for the special occasion. We were in the middle of ordering our meals when she decided to ask me if I ever had any doubts about our relationship. 

I continued to tell her that I was certain that she was the woman for me and there could be no one else that I would want to spend the rest of my life with. Lo and behold, what I did not realize was her intention this Valentine's Day. 

Just after our server took our order, she proceeded to tell me that she had been having second thoughts about us because she had never experienced being intimate with a man. In so few words she told me that she wanted to have a sexual experience with a man and that because of these thoughts it was hard for her to see her committing herself to me for the rest of her life. 

She asked me what I thought about it. The whole idea of her being with anyone else, regardless of their sexual preference, made me feel nauseated.

I ate maybe three bites of my meal before she apologized to me and said, 'Maybe tonight wasn't the best night to tell you how I was feeling.' After those words, I remember leaving the table in disgust and going directly to the restroom where I found myself sick to my stomach.

We left the restaurant, one which I still can never go back to. And forget about ever eating the Italian dish Gnocchi ever again.

Needless to say we did break up. I had left for the weekend to a friend's house and by the time I got home, I wanted her things packed up and gone. Not only did I have to cancel the wedding, but nonrefundable deposits were made towards the venue and caterer, money I will never see again."

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