World's Tallest Vs. Comcast Center

How does Philly measure up?

Dubai opened the world’s tallest skyscraper Monday, which has everyone wondering: How does Philly's tallest building measure up?

It doesn't.

Scraping the sky at 2,717 feet, which is a half mile into the air, the towering structure dwarfs Philadelphia’s tallest building, the Comcast Center.

The graphic above shows our 58-story, 975-foot crowning jewel that was finished in June 2007 as a mere cottage compared to Dubai’s glass and metal tower.

But the difference in height shouldn't be that much of a surprise, as the Comcast building is only the 15th tallest building in the United States.

The Burj Khalifa vanquished its nearest rival in freestanding buildings, the Taipei 101 in Taiwan, which stands 1,676 feet high.

The World Trade Towers stood taller than Taipei 101 before their demise on Sept. 11, 2001.

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