World Series Ring Flushed?

A bathroom stop could cost a Phillies worker his World Series ring

Philadelphia Police and the Phillies are searching high and low for a little bling of the World Series kind.

A member of the team misplaced his ring Monday after using the restroom inside Citizens Bank Park, the team confirmed.

The unidentified worker placed the ring on top of a toilet paper dispenser while he used the bathroom and forgot to pick it up when he left.

By the time he realized the 3.84 karat ring was absent from his finger, it was gone from the bathroom.

Was it taken or did he accidentally flush it away? Police will not say at this point. They are reviewing surveillance video from outside the restroom to try and identify people potentially involved.

Officials were also mum on who owned the ring, but did confirm that it did not belong to a player. It was later released that the man is a member of the team's marketing department.

The ring is worth as much as $15,000 and features 103 diamonds set in 14 karat white gold.

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