Work 50 Jobs in 50 States

Having trouble finding your niche or what to do for the rest of your life? Why not take a road trip across the 50 states in search for your dream job. That’s what Daniel Seddiqui is doing. His mission: Working 50 jobs, in 50 states, in 50 weeks.

Seddiqui started his journey in August 2008. And so far, he’s been to 38 states in his long expedition to find a job and to prove there are jobs available in the U.S.

Monday, Seddiqui will be in Wilmington, Del., working at a law firm company. Next week he will be in Lancaster, Pa., working as furniture builder in Amish country.

Seddiqui graduated with an economics degree from University of Southern California in 2005, and like most college graduates didn’t have any luck finding a job. 

After applying to thousands of jobs and failing more than 40 interviews, he decided to take control of his destiny in search of finding the perfect job.

When he was a kid, Seddiqui only imagined what it would be like to live in all 50 states and he finally decided to make his dream a reality by “living the map,” he told the Christian Post.

The 26-year-old will travel cross-country and work 50 different jobs in 50 states for one week.

“Basically, all the failures I’ve had in life have led me up to this project to work 50 jobs in 50 states in 50 weeks,” he told Kolnkgin of Nebraska.

Seddiqui who grew up in Los Altos, Calif., sought this opportunity to explore the U.S., learn different cultures and to have a deep understanding of what people do, he told the Christian Post. 

“My goal is to help Americans understand each other’s lives, respect each other’s hard work and stimulate people’s curiosity about different lifestyles,” he said on his Web site living the map.

To list just a few jobs he has done, his been a wedding planner in Vegas, a model in North Carolina, a meat packer in Kansas, a stockbroker in New York, and a Rodeo Announcer in North Dakota.

Seddiqui’s ultimate goal is to write a book when he finishes his journey and talk about his many experiences.

"Now [that] I went out and did this. I feel like I can do anything," he told New York Daily News.

Ever since Seddiqui started this voyage, he has made many television appearances such as the Today Show and CNN.

To see pictures and read his blog on what he’s been up too visit his Web site.

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