Woodside Inn and Tavern

On Friday night, I was asked to join my boyfriend and his family for his Grandfather’s birthday dinner at the Woodside Inn in Schwenksville, PA. Uh, so you’re probably asking yourself, “Where the hell is Schwenksville?” Yeah, I thought the same thing. And let me tell you, when you’re starving, the drive is far as hell. In reality, it was about an hour away, which, I suppose, is still far as hell just to get something to eat.

The smell walking into this place was interesting. It smelled old (think nursing home) and drafty. But the ambience was pure comfort, sort of like a lodge or log cabin. We went to the bar to wait for the rest of our party. The bartender was very, very friendly. Greeting us upon arrival despite the bar being full with happy hour patrons. Our drinks were served promptly. As the rest of our table dwindled in, they were served in much the same manner. He, the bartender, even handled people that were much too hammered given the time (it was around 6 p.m.) with good humor and grace.

Fast forward to actually sitting at the table and eating. For an appetizer we got the Maple Glazed Filet Tips and they were so good. Served with mashed potatoes and mushrooms, they were designed for sharing or could probably have been a small meal in itself. We also had the Baked Brie, not so good. The dish was way too sweet. It was supposed to be a “a wedge of baby Brie with toasted walnuts, drizzled with a hot Vermont maple glaze, served with crostini.” Drizzled my ass! The entire plate was full of syrup and the crostinis and Brie were practically marinating in it. Nasty.

On to the main course, I ordered the Pork Loin stuffed with asparagus, sun dried tomato, roasted red pepper and boursin cheese with a basil cream sauce. I highly recommend this dish. The sauce was unreal and the pork was so good, it didn’t even taste like pork, but more like steak. Weird, but true. The rest of the table loved their meals as well and everyone ordered something different which pretty much covered everything on the menu.

We were too full for dessert; however, the waitress did bring out a piece of chocolate cake for the birthday boy while the entire joint helped us sing “Happy Birthday.” And if the rest of their desserts are anything like the food, then I’m sure they are delicious.

Two thumbs up.

Woodside Inn
150 East Park Avenue
Schwenksville, PA 19473
(610) 287-6469 Phone

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