Hey! That's Me on TV

Come on admit it. If you like to watch TV or movies, you’ve most likely daydreamed about what it would be like, even for a second, a brief cameo, to have your face up on the big screen.

But, not Ola Lewis from Mount Pocono, Pa. -- she wasn't so thrilled when her face surprisingly popped up on the boob tube during her not-so-exciting TV debut.

Lewis says St. Luke's Hospital took photos and video of her while she was getting medical services at their Wind Gap facility. Then, they used the pictures and footage without her permission -- that’s what she claims in a lawsuit filed Monday, December 29 in Northampton County Court.

Lewis is suing St. Luke’s Hospital for $50,000 and court costs.

The spokesman for St. Luke’s Hospital declined to comment on an active court case, according to the Express-Times.

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